0274 / Deep learning method for IMU-based tracking of Martian rover0448 / Lunar rover discrete element method study and calibration0709 / Proposal of swarm rovers’ collaborative locomotion with expansion and contraction...0889 / Skidding suppression method using “discrete 4-wheel-drive typed rover” considering...1098 / Simulation of change in supporting force when imparting vibration by distinct element method1453 / Suppressing the reduction of the traveling displacement on loose soil for rovers with...1522 / Tractive performance of rigid wheel in granular media using coarse-scale DEM models1638 / Analysis of tire characteristics on road surface with volcanic ash fall1805 / Accelerating graph networks for real-time physics simulations2145 / Obstacle performance and wheel failure test analysis of Zhurong rover2177 / Effects of road wheel load, driving speed and track slip upon stress state in sandy...2437 / Improving predictive control methods on off-road vehicles with realistic steering preview...2765 / Obstacle detection vision system enabling autonomous mounding on clearcuts2801 / In Situ Soil Property Estimation for Autonomous Earthmoving Using Physics- Infused Neural...2936 / Moisture content impacts on soil load bearing capacity and its spectral behaviour3280 / Comparison of tweels and pneumatic tires on LTATV military vehicle3493 / Numerical modeling of a tire on undrained saturated clay using FEM, ALE, and SPH3507 / Determination of the tractive forces of a tractor based on the reconstruction of...3796 / The issue of assessing the suitability of own simulation models for testing off-road vehicles3797 / Disturbed and naturally recovered soil surface as a ground for subsequent vehicle mobility...3835 / Effect of steer angle rate upon tyre lateral force generation on two different soils4141 / Modeling and verification of a full-scale forestry vehicle real-time multi-physics digital tw4456 / Modeling soil-tool interaction of a cultivator sweep using DEM4595 / Evaluation and comparison of driving performance of a lunar exploration rover wheel in...4681 / Simplified models of terrain-vehicle interaction for real-time applications4816 / Effects of humidity on the emissions of the diesel engines5552 / Vehicle drawbar test method with improved measurement and control6027 / Digital precision planning tool for autonomous forest regeneration of mixed tree species6630 / Real-time measurement of tire sinkage using stereo cameras6690 / Comparative evaluation of methods to evaluate penetration resistance for Clegg hammer and...6736 / Ride comfort comparison between 4-poster and straight line driving simulations6861 / Research on airplane performance on a grass airfield7198 / Analysis of aircraft dynamics while overcoming obstacles on a grass runway7477 / Evaluating the pressure performance of DPF filters using engine bench analysis7523 / Assessing performance of light wheeled vehicles on GRC-1 using 3D scanned footprint...7577 / Implementation of moving loads on ice in NRMM8151 / Study on estimation of traveling states using strain information on chassis of lunar and ...8254 / Initial steps towards characterization of a new military cold weather all-terrain vehicle...8672 / Trajectory optimization for vegetation override in off-road driving9268 / Experiments of sinkage characters of wire mesh wheel under different slip ratio9992 / Soil shear strength values obtained from its colour

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