4816 / Effects of humidity on the emissions of the diesel engines

Paper presented at the 16th European-African Regional Conference of the ISTVS


Title: Effects of humidity on the emissions of the diesel engines

Authors: Dániel Szőllősi and Péter Kiss

Abstract: Above any common perspective, for HD and off road conditions at least, the usage of the internal combustion engines will continue for decades because of the advantages on this area, like fuel storing, weight and range. During the operation of the internal combustion engines, the main contributors for the burning process is the fuel and air. The fuel component possibilities and effects widely investigated, but almost no attention for the other contributor, the air. It is considered as a fix parameter but at least one component, the humidity can widely change depending on environmental circumstances and can have great effect on the engine operation. It can be considered as the oldest and simplest emission treatment technic what we using – even unnoticedly – since the usage of the internal combustion engine. It is essential to have a proper overview on this area, it should be summarized and clearly understand the effects of air humidity. This knowledge is a baseline for lot of further investigation in this area. The water effect is significantly important for the diesel engine, where excess air going into the combustion chamber. This paper gives us insight into the different levels of humidity induced performance and emission differences. It reveals the connection between the particle number and gas emission in relation to the water introduced to the combustion chamber. To answer today’s most urging questions, in this survey, data also provided connected to the ultrafine particles ( sub 23nm), which emerging with the new emission regulations. The paper provides guidelines and possibilities to show the potential of artificially increased water content in the combustion air and the potential of water-using techniques.

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