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Paper presented at the 16th European-African Regional Conference of the ISTVS


Title: Determination of the tractive forces of a tractor based on the reconstruction of tire – soil contact surface obtained by means of photogrammetry

Authors: Jaroslaw Pytka, Tomasz Śliczniak, Leszek Gardyński, Aleksander Czajka, and Sławomir Tarkowski

Abstract: The aim of the work was to develop a method for determining tractive forces based on a three-dimensional reconstruction of the tire - soil contact surface. The photogrammetry method was used to reconstruct the contact surface between the tractor tire and the soil, further the traction forces were determined using the Bekker model. The value of the contact pressure was determined on the basis of the three-dimensional model of the contact surface. The tow test method was used to measure traction forces as part of verification tests. Field measurements were carried out for different wheel load values, on two soils, sandy and loamy, at different moisture. It was found that the obtained values of the drawbar pull force, determined analytically using photogrammetry, show small discrepancies in relation to the values measured in field tests using a dynamometer. In the case of loamy soil, it was noticed that with increasing moisture, the sinkage of the wheel (rut depth) as well as the horizontal displacement of the soil was smaller.

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